Become a Coach LCP - ACTSH Level 1
Certification training with 80 hours of classes:
⭐ Mastery of essential coaching skills
⭐ Over 50% engagement through direct learning via digital live sessions or in-person classes
Flexible support mechanisms: Webinars, videos, readings, and case studies
⭐ Embracing and adhering to a robust ethical code
⭐ Introduction to advanced psychological tools, including Transactional Analysis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and others
⭐ Cultivation of the coach/manager's professional identity
⭐ Formulation of a comprehensive business strategy
⭐ Supervision tailored for aspiring coaches
⭐ Transitioning to a coach/manager mindset
⭐ 10 hours of mentor coaching
⭐ Rigorous preparation for prompt attainment of the ACC level within the ICF
⭐ Program available in both French and Arabic

Upon completion of this training, participants will undergo a transformative experience, enabling a successful market launch and the fortification of their standing as a manager/coach.


Become a PCG Coach - ACTP Level 2
Program available in various formats (online, in-person) with a total duration of 175 hours over one year:

⭐ Over 50% of learning occurs through direct engagement in digital or in-person classes
⭐ Flexible support: Comprehensive resources such as webinars, videos, readings, and case studies
⭐ Mastery of fundamental coaching skills
⭐ Adherence to the ICF ethical code
⭐ Introduction to advanced psychological tools: Transactional Analysis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, Psychopathology
⭐ Cultivation of the coach's professional identity
⭐ Formulation of a robust business strategy
⭐ Expertise in team and organizational coaching
⭐ Proficiency in group coaching methodologies
⭐ Application of systemic coaching approaches
⭐ Supervision for aspiring coaches, facilitating their transformation into a coaching posture
⭐ Mentor coaching to elevate and refine the coach's practice
⭐ Application of assimilated concepts in real-world scenarios
⭐ Expedited progression to the PCC level of ICF accreditation
⭐ Program available in both French and Arabic

Embark on the PCG journey for a transformative experience, positioning yourself among the elite as one of the finest coaches and managers in the field.


Mentor Coaching

ICF Certification (ACC, PCC, MCC)

Mentor coaching is a professional support relationship aimed at achieving and highlighting coaching skill levels according to the certification level desired by the coach. The mentee is guided in relation to their coaching skills rather than their practice, work-life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an ICF coaching competency.

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